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What about the execution power in your business?

Colphen & Partners

We are highly experienced consultants supporting you with executive interim management, project management and strategy/business advice.

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Quality by passion

We are trained by world-class management consulting firms such as the Boston Consulting Group. We graduated from top institutions magna or summa cum laude in the fields of commercial engineering, MBA and/or PhD. Furthermore, we built hands-on management experience being interim managers and entrepreneurs for many years. That way, we are committed to helping you excel your business by sharing our passion for high quality.

Cost consciousness

We are a partnership of experienced business consultants. We have completed our consulting training, and work on site interacting closely with the client. We don’t carry a large support staff, so that we can offer a competitive fee structure. Hence, you do not pay for the overhead of a prestigious consulting firm, but do receive similar top quality.

Continuous engagement

We are hired as executive interim managers for managerial positions, where we (also) lead change and/or optimisation projects. We like this engagement and feel largely responsible for realising a permanent positive impact. At the same time, we are very experienced in developing strategic and organisational advice. We bring you new (innovative) insights from a broad range of industries with specific attention for implementation and organisational acceptance.


Instead of dividing our attention to multiple assignments/teams at the same time, we will focus 100% on your business. That way, we offer you competitive advantages, distinctive performance and lasting results. We are mainly hired full time (or at least 50% of our time) for periods ranging from 3 months to 1 year. Furthermore, we can appeal to several medior advisors and project managers linked to Colphen & Partners. They are often brought in for long(er) projects in combination with one of the Partners (or otherwise). Specific needs are always discussed in a face-to-face meeting, so that we offer the best service for the client.

Executive Interim Management

Management positions and executive positions at both multinationals and SME’s / family businesses, like: CEO, CIO, Commercial director, Business unit manager

Project Management

Management of projects, like: Product launch, Change management, Operational excellence, Cost cutting, Sourcing

Business Advice

Developing business solutions with respect to strategy and organisation, like: Corporate / commercial strategy, Business development / modelling / planning, Feasibility studies / investment decisions, Merger & Acquisitions / post-merger integration, Restructuring

Jan Colpaert


Master in Commercial Engineering, magna cum laude (University of Antwerp), Master in Financial Management, magna cum laude (VUB) & MBA, with honours (Kellogg, Northwestern University, US)


Jan has 20 years of experience in strategy and organisation consulting linked to an extensive hands-on management expertise (interim management) and entrepreneurial spirit. Currently, he is interim CEO at a large family owned logistics company. Jan is married, has two children and enjoys spending time with his family, practicing sports (football and golf) and tasting nice food/drinks.

Frank Hendrickx


Master in Commercial Engineering with specialisation in Management Information Systems, summa cum laude (University of Antwerp) & Enterprise Architecture (Nyenrode Business University)


Frank has more than 15 years of experience as a strategy consultant and 10 years as an interim manager. Currently he is interim CIO at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. Frank is available for assignments in Belgium and the Netherlands. Frank is married, has two children, and enjoys travelling and biking.

Eli Pernot


Master in Commercial Engineering, magna cum laude (KU Leuven) & PhD in Applied Economic Sciences, summa cum laude (KU Leuven)


Eli has 10 years of experience as interim manager and consultant. He is a result driven project manager with a ‘can do attitude’ based on analytical rigor. He has a proven track record of process optimisation and analyses in multiple sectors and manages teams based on excellent communication and motivation skills. Eli is married, has two children and lives in Wijnegem.

David Crabbe


Master in Commercial Engineering, summa cum laude (University of Antwerp)


David has more than 15 years of experience in Finance and Management Consulting. He is a committed, no-nonsense manager and combines his strategic vision with a hands-on mentality, always focused on getting things done. With proven line management, project management and sound analytical and problem solving skills, he is dedicated to maintain high quality standards and to seek continuous improvement. David is married, has two children and is a fervent triathlon sportsman.

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